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Dealing with the Unemployment Blues
By Shawn Larson
As we all know the economy has been tough, and finding a job can give us the “unemployment blues.” unemployement blues picDuring this season in life, it is natural to hide or lash out at others. In school, we learn about that as the “fight or flight” instinct. Since losing and finding a job is a MAJOR life event that is attached to your very existence, it is easy to see why we would act that manner, because money is tied to just about everything in our life, the need to stay working is vital. In fact, the longer someone goes without a job, the easier it is to get desperate and depressed, which can cause us to act in ways we normally wouldn’t, and if you have a predisposition to an emotional disablement, it could be worse.
In the article “When Job Loss Leads to Depression,” according to Luc Chabot, MEd, a psychotherapist in Montreal and founder of Relais Expert-Conseil, a firm specializing in workplace issues, how well a job loss is handled depends on many factors: age, financial situation, your ability to deal with stress, and any emotional disorders you might already have.”
Even though it might be natural to act out during these tough times, it is worthwhile to remember that what separates us from most of the animal kingdom is the ability to reason and not solely act on instinct or predisposition. In fact, isolation or aggression usually pushes away the very people we need around us in difficult times for emotional and other forms of support. Instead, in both good times and bad it is worthwhile to build a support system around you to prepare for those rainy days. Even in those times when things are at their worst, push past the anger and the sadness and have coffee with friends, help your next-door neighbor rake leaves or drop by your parents or other relatives’ house to visit.

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